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Application of wire-mesh sensor for the study of chemical species conversion in a bubble column during chemical absorption of carbon dioxide in sodium hydroxide

Kipping, R.; Kryk, H.; Schleicher, E.; Gustke, M.; Hampel, U.


In this paper we report for the first time on the utilization of the wire-mesh sensor for the measurement of chemical species conversion during the chemical absorption of carbon dioxide in sodium hydroxide solution. The wire mesh-sensor obtains cross-sectional images of the liquid phase conductivity which changes with the conversion of hydroxides during the reaction. A theoretical model has been applied to verify the use of conductivity as indicator for the reaction progress. Demonstration experiments have been carried out in a lab-scale bubble column reactor using two wire-mesh sensors in different reactor heights. Results obtained from reactor model and experimental data show a very good agreement. The results demonstrate the potential of this imaging instrument to follow the course of a chemical reaction via ionic species concentration even in a dense bubbly flow. This way, a better understanding of the coupling of hydrodynamics, mass transfer and reaction in bubble columns and other reaction devices can be gained.

Keywords: chemical absorption; reactive two-phase flow; species concentration measurement; wire-mesh sensor