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Homogeneous gas-liquid distribution for monolithic structures via a needle distributor

Meitzner, C.; Hilpmann, G.; Schäfer, T.; Haase, S.; Lange, M.; Hampel, U.


Structured catalysts are a widely discussed approach for process intensification of chemical multiphase reactors. But equal to common catalyst structures homogeneous educt distribution along the catalytic surface is mandatory for high reactor performance. Especially monolithic structures require a homogeneous initial fluid distribution. The current work presents a novel distribution concept for gas liquid flow through arbitrary channel matrices. It is based on the injection principle where gas and liquid are inserted directly into the channels. A prototype for different cell densities has been built and tested by using various measurement techniques: gravimetry, X-ray tomography and an optical fiber sensor. Additionally, the flow regime per channel has been detected as equal to single channel conditions.

Keywords: process intensification; multiphase reactions; phase distribution; structured catalysts; monolith

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