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FDG-PET/CT in oncology: German Guideline

Krause, B. J.; Beyer, T.; Bockisch, A.; Delbeke, D.; Kotzerke, J.; Minkov, V.; Reiser, M.; Willich, N.; Bartenstein, P.; Baum, R. P.; Burchert, W.; Haberkorn, U.; Kluge, R.; Knapp, W. H.; Kotzerke, J.; Kuwert, T.; Nitzsche, E.; Reske, S. N.; Reuland, P.; Schicha, H.; Schober, O.; Schwaiger, M.; Stabell, U.; van den Hoff, J.


FDG-PET/CT examinations combine metabolic and morphologic imaging within an integrated procedure. Over the past decade PET/CT imaging has gained wide clinical acceptance in the field of oncology. This FDG-PET/CT guideline focuses on indications, data acquisition and processing as well as documentation of FDG-PET/CT examinations in oncologic patients within a clinical and social context specific to Germany. Background information and definitions are followed by examples of clinical and research applications of FDG-PET/CT. Furthermore, protocols for CT scanning (low dose and contrast-enhanced CT) and PET emission imaging are discussed. Documentation and reporting of examinations are specified. Image interpretation criteria and sources of errors are discussed. Quality control for FDG and PET/CT-systems, qualification requirements of personnel as well as legal aspects are presented.

Keywords: Guideline; FDG; PET/CT; oncology

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