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High-speed asynchronous optical sampling based on GHz Yb:KYW oscillators

Li, C.; Krauß, N.; Schäfer, G.; Ebner, L.; Kliebisch, O.; Schmidt, J.; Winnerl, S.; Hettich, M.; Dekorsy, T.


A low-cost scheme of high-speed asynchronous optical sampling based on Yb:KYW oscillators is reported. Two GHz diode-pumped oscillators with a slight pulse repetition rate offset serve as pump and probe source, respectively. The temporal resolution of this system is limited to 500 fs mainly by the pulse duration of the oscillators and also by relative timing jitter between the oscillators. A near-shot-noise noise floor around 10−6 (ΔR/R) is obtained within a data acquisition time of a few seconds. The performance of the system is demonstrated by measurements of coherent acoustic phonons in a semiconductor sample that resembles a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror or an optically pumped semiconductor chip.


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