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Development of Cobalt- and Nickel binding peptides for biosorption

Braun, R.; Matys, S.; Pollmann, K.


Interactions between proteins and metals long been scientifically described but still remain hardly understood. They may be used for industrial purposes. In Geobiotechnology metal binding motifs of proteins and peptides are a promising tool in bioremediation as well as in biosorption processes for the recovery of metals. In this work peptide motifs, which have previously been identified using Phage Display, are characterized for their ability to specifically bind cobalt and nickel ions and for their applicability in industrial biosorption processes. Biosorption may be a future alternative to conventional metal sorption processes, as it is less energy-consuming, environmental-friendly and highly selective.

Keywords: biosorption; peptide; metal recovery; phage display

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    HZDR PhD seminar, 17.-19.10.2016, Oberwiesenthal, Deutschland


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