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Design of Solar Selective Coatings Based on Aluminium Titanium AlTi(OxN1-x) Oxynitrides for High-Temperature CSP Applications

Heras, I.; Krause, M.; Lungwitz, F.; Rincon, G.; Alcon-Camas, M.; Azkona, I.; Guillén, E.; Escobar-Galindo, R.


Aluminium titanium oxynitrides were studied as candidate materials for high temperature solar-selective coatings due to their excellent stability and their tuneable optical behaviour. A set of individual AlyTi1-y(OxN1-x) layers with different oxygen content was prepared by cathodic vacuum arc (CVA) deposition. The composition, morphology, phase structure and microstructure of the films were characterized by elastic recoil detection (ERD), scanning and transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction.

Keywords: Concentrated solar power; solar-selective coatings; optical simulation

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