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Testing the NURESIM platform on a PWR main steam line break benchmark

Kliem, S.; Kozmenkov, Y.; Hadek, J.; Perin, Y.; Fouquet, F.; Bernard, F.; Sargeni, A.; Cuervo, D.; Sabater, A.; Sanchez-Cervera, S.; Garcia-Herranz, N.; Zerkak, O.; Ferroukhi, H.; Mala, P.


Within the NURESAFE project, a main steam line break benchmark has been defined and solved by codes integrated into the European code platform NURESIM. The paper describes the results of the calculations for this benchmark. Six different solutions using different codes and code systems are provided for the comparison. The quantitative differences in the results are dominated by the differences in the secondary system parameters during the depressurization. The source of these differences comes mainly from the application of different models for the two-phase leak flow available in the system codes. The use of two different thermal hydraulic system codes influences the results more than expected when the benchmark was created. The codes integrated into the NURESIM platform showed their applicability to a challenging transient like a main steam line break.


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