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Experimental analysis of Taylor bubble behavior and mass transfer during lateral oscillation of a vertical milli-channel

Haghnegahdar, M.; Boden, S.; Hampel, U.


In this paper, we report on an experimental study on the influence of low-frequency horizontal vibration of a vertical millimeter-size channel with Taylor bubbles. We investigated the motion, shape and dissolution rate of individual elongated Taylor bubbles of air and CO2, which were freely rising in stationary water. Bubble size and dissolution rate were determined from microfocus X-ray radiographs. From the shrinking rate we calculated the liquid-side mass transfer coefficient. The rise velocity of bubbles and surface wave motion were analyzed using a videometric technique. The comparison of the results for the stationary and the oscillating channel showed that mechanical vibration of the channel is able to enhance the mass transfer coefficient from gas to the liquid phase by 80% to 186%, depending on the frequency and amplitude of vibration. It was found that channel oscillation causes the increase of free rise velocity of bubbles which is mainly attributed to the development of propelling interfacial waves and increase of liquid film flow rate. Furthermore, analyzing the surface wave motion of bubbles revealed that the enlargement of contact area between the phases and the increased mixing enhances the mass transfer additionally up to 30% compared to non-agitated bubbles of similar Peclet number.

Keywords: Vibration; Milli-channels; Mass transfer; Taylor bubble; Carbon dioxide

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