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Multifrequency ferromagnetic resonance study of the antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition in FeRh

Semisalova, A.; Ehrler, J.; Barton, C.; Thomson, T.; Lenz, K.; Fassbender, J.; Potzger, K.; Lindner, J.


The first order phase transition of an equiatomic FeRh thin film from the antiferromagnetic (AFM) to the ferromagnetic (FM) state was studied using broadband ferromagnetic resonance (FMR). The films were deposited on MgO(001) substrates by means of magnetron sputtering of an alloy target. The position and linewidth of the FMR signal have been investigated in the frequency range up to 50 GHz. Conclusions on the temperature dependence of the magnetic damping are presented. The linewidth was found to be strongly affected by the exchange coupling due to reversible nucleation of AFM and FM domains in FeRh within the temperature range of the phase transformation.

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    DPG Spring Meeting 2017, 19.-25.03.2017, Dresden, Germany