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High-resolution patterning of germanium for nanoelectronics applications

Gangnaik, A. S.; Khan, M. B.; Ghamsari, S. J.; Rebohle, L.; Erbe, A.; Holmes, J. D.; Georgiev, Y. M.


Ge is among the most attractive alternative channel materials for the next-generation nanoelectronics. However, Ge patterning with electron beam lithography (EBL) using the negative resist HSQ is challenging. The complex native oxide GeOx is soluble in the HSQ aqueous developers. As a result, lift-off of sub-20 nm features written by EBL occurs during development. In the presentation, it will be shown that this issue can be solved by: (i) removal of GeOx and passivation of Ge surface prior to HSQ deposition or (ii) application of a buffer layer between GeOx and HSQ. Arrays of sub-20 nm HSQ lines were successfully fabricated on Ge with both approaches. Moreover, a significantly simplified process for removal of GeOx and passivation of Ge surface will also be presented, which allows patterning of 6-7 nm Ge NWs, the smallest Ge nanostructures reported to date.

Finally, different applications of the above mentioned patterning processes will be discussed.

Keywords: Germanium; nanowires; nanoelectronics; electron beam lithography

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  • Lecture (Conference)
    DPG Spring Meeting 2018 in Berlin, 11.-16.03.2018, Berlin, Germany