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Chiral-partner D mesons in a heat bath within QCD sum rules

Buchheim, T.; Hilger, T.; Kämpfer, B.; Leupold, S.


Utilizing QCD sum rules, we extract the temperature dependences of the spectral properties of the pseudo-scalar and scalar D mesons regarded as chiral partners. Besides the masses also decay constants are analyzed as the D meson yields in heavy-ion collisions may be sensitive to their altered decay properties in an ambient strongly interacting medium. Our findings are (i) a decreasing scalar D meson mass for growing temperatures while its pseudo-scalar partner meson seems hardly affected, which is in qualitative agreement with hadronic model calculations; (ii) inferring an equally weak temperature dependence of the pseudo-scalar D meson decay properties the decreasing residua and decay constants of the scalar particle point towards partial chiral restoration. As a bonus of our analysis in the pseudo-scalar sector we determine the pseudo-scalar decay constant at vanishing temperature. Due to the connection to particular leptonic branching fractions this decay constant is of great interest allowing for the determination of the off-diagonal CKM matrix element |Vcd| at zero temperature.