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Isothermal differential dilatometry based on X-ray analysis applied to stress relaxation in thin ion-beam-sputtered Pt films

Gruber, W.; Baehtz, C.; Geue, T.; Stahn, J.; Schmidt, H.


Relaxation of stress and point defects in ion-beam-sputtered Pt films with a thickness of 20 and 40 nm during isothermal annealing was investigated. First, isothermal differential dilatometry measurements based on X-ray analysis were carried out between 130 and 400 °C. They show that the relaxation of compressive stress is associated with the formation of vacancies at the surface. From the measurements, an activation enthalpy of 0.14 eV was estimated for the stress relaxation process. In addition, self-diffusion experiments of Pt were carried out on the same type of films using stable 194Pt tracer. From secondary ion mass spectrometry on samples annealed for longer times, an activation enthalpy of 0.5 eV for Pt diffusion in grain boundaries was estimated. The influence of vacancy creation at the surface, vacancy transport, and the annihilation of nonequilibrium
bulk interstitials and thermally created vacancies on stress relaxation is discussed.

Keywords: Thin films; Synchrotron; X-ray diffraction; ion-beam-sputtering

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