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Invenio-Uploadbyurl - background uploads via SFTP and HTTP protocol for Invenio

Frust, T.


A lot of HZDR research data is already located on one of the storage systems in a data center. For those data there are better ways transfering them to Rodare than using an HTTP web upload. This module for Invenio allows you to browse all the files that reside on registered storage systems accessible via the SFTP protocol. They are transferred to the Invenio using SFTP in a background job.

Keywords: SFTP; Invenio; RODARE; Background upload

  • Software in external data repository
    Publication year 2018
    Programming language: Python 3
    System requirements: Python 3, SFTP, Paramiko, Celery, Invenio
    License: GPLv3 (Link to license text)
    Hosted on HZDR GitLab: Link to location


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