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Review of the electrical characterization of metallic nanowires on DNA templates

Bayrak, T.; Jagtap, N.; Erbe, A.


The use of self-assembly techniques may open new possibilities in scaling down electronic circuits to their ultimate limits. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) nanotechnology has already demonstrated that it can provide valuable tools for the creation of nanostructures of arbitrary shape, therefore presenting an ideal platform for the development of nanoelectronic circuits. So far, however, the electronic properties of DNA nanostructures are mostly insulating, thus limiting the use of the nanostructures in electronic circuits. Therefore methods have been investigated, which use the DNA nanostructures as templates for the deposition of electrically conducting materials along the DNA strands. The most simple such structure is given by metallic nanowires formed by deposition of metals along the DNA nanostructures. Here we review the fabrication and the characterization of the electronic properties of nanowires, which were created using these methods.

Keywords: nanoelectronics; DNA origami; self-assembly; electrical characterization; DNA-origami metalization; DNA metalization

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