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Defect-induced exchange bias in a single SrRuO3 layer

Wang, C.; Chen, C.; Chang, C.-H.; Tsai, H.-S.; Pandey, P.; Xu, C.; Böttger, R.; Chen, D.; Zeng, Y.-J.; Gao, X.; Helm, M.; Zhou, S.


Exchange bias stems from the interaction between different magnetic phases and therefore it generally occurs in magnetic multilayers. Here we present a large exchange bias in a single SrRuO3 layer induced by helium ion irradiation. When the fluence increases, the induced defects not only suppress the magnetization and the Curie temperature, but also drive a metal-insulator transition at a low temperature. In particular, a large exchange bias field up to ~ 0.36 T can be created by the irradiation. This large exchange bias is related to the coexistence of different magnetic and structural phases that are introduced by embedded defects. Our work demonstrates that spintronic properties in complex oxides can be created and enhanced by applying ion irradiation.

Keywords: Exchange bias; Magnetization; Oxide thin film; Lattice distortion; Defect engineering

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