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Second Reply to “Comment on Methodological accuracy of image-based electron density assessment using dual-energy computed tomography” [Med. Phys. 44, 2429-2437 (2017)]

Möhler, C.; Wohlfahrt, P.; Richter, C.; Greilich, S.


To the Editor,
The recent letter by Dr. Saito refers to the theoretical framework of electron-density determination by dual-energy computed tomography (DECT), as presented in the appendix of our article.1 After performing some calculations in this framework, the author of the Comment concludes that “the form of Eq. (A1) […] is not appropriate to rigorously derive Eq. (3)”. This conclusion is clearly illogical and contradictory to other statements by the author.

Keywords: dual-energy computed tomography; proton therapy; range prediction