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CoSi2 microstructures by means of a high current focused ion beam

Bischoff, L.; Teichert, J.; Hesse, E.; Panknin, D.; Skorupa, W.


The Rossendorf focused ion beam IMSA-100 was contructed and used for writing implantation of cobalt to form CoSi2-submicron strutures on silicon by ion beam synthesis. Two types of cobalt containing liquid alloy ion source were developed with Co-Nd and Co-Ge alloys. The fabrication of CoSi2 structures by stoichiometric implantation of Co+ (E = 30-35 keV, Iion = 1.3 nA) and Co2+ ions (E = 60 keV, Iion = 0.6 nA) at doses between 0.3 and 5x1017 cm-2 and a subsequent two step annealing (600°C, 60 min; 1000°C, 30 min in N2) is demonstrated. The dose dependence as well as the influence of the substrate temperature between room temperature and 400°C during ion implantation on the ion beam synthesis process were studied. The quality of the silicide submicron structures was investigated by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive x-ray analysis, and electrical measurments. While the room temperature implantation and subsequent annealing generate an inhomogeneous CoSi2 film, 400°C substrate heating during implantation leads to a countinuous film with a resistivity below 20µ( cm, comparable with broad beam implantation.

  • Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology Part B 12 (1994) 6 pp. 3523-3527
    DOI: 10.1116/1.587463
  • Lecture (Conference)
    IBMM '95 Canberra


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