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Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructured metal/graphene
Huang, X.; Winnerl, S.; Schneider, H.;
Graphene plasmonic circuits critically depend on convertingincident light into propagating graphene plasmons (GPs), and on controlling their propagation and focusing to enhance light-matter interactions. Here, the theoretical analysis and experimental studies are mainly focused on the GP induced hot-carrier generation and injection on graphene when energy transferred at different SPP interference states. We characterize the ultrafast carrier dynamics in the hybrid metal/graphene nanostructures using ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy in the mid-inferred range. The renormalized plasmon dispersions in the interface of the metal/graphene nanostructures are investigated. And, the characterization of nonlinearity phase of the high order harmonic generation signals of the hybrid nanostructures are also demonstrated.
Keywords: graphene, plasmonics, hybride graphene-metal nanostructure
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    Graphene 2018, 26.-29.06.2018, Dresden, Deutschland

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