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Magneto-transport measurements in para- and ferromagnetic Fe60Al40 wires

Liersch, V.; Schmeink, A.; Eggert, B.; Warnatz, T.; Wintz, S.; Ehrler, J.; Böttger, R.; Hlawacek, G.; Potzger, K.; Lindner, J.; Faßbender, J.; Wende, H.; Bali, R.


Certain alloys (Fe60Al40, Fe50Rh50, Fe65V35) have stable, chemically ordered, B2 and metastable, chemically dis-ordered, A2 crystal structures with different magnetic properties.
B2 Fe60Al40 is paramagnetic (PM), A2 Fe60Al40 is ferromagnetic (FM).
Possible applications are in phase change memories and sensors.
We investigate change of resistivity 𝜌 during A2 ↔ B2 transitions in Fe60Al40 wires.

Keywords: HIM; magnetic structures; nanopatterning

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