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Inertial spin dynamics in ferromagnets

Kumar, N.; Awari, N.; Kovalev, S.; Polly, D.; Hagström, N. Z.; Arekapudi, S. S. P. K.; Semisalova, A.; Lenz, K.; Green, B. W.; Deinert, J.-C.; Ilyakov, I.; Chen, M.; Bawatna, M.; Scalera, V.; D’Aquino, M.; Serpico, C.; Hellwig, O.; Jean-Eric, W.; Gensch, M.; Bonetti, S.

The understanding of how spins move at pico- and femtosecond time scales is the goal of much of modern research in condensed matter physics, with implications for ultrafast and more energy-efficient data storage. However, the limited comprehension of the physics behind this phenomenon has hampered the possibility of realising a commercial technology based on it. Recently, it has been suggested that inertial effects should be considered in the full description of the spin dynamics at these ultrafast time scales, but a clear observation of such effects in ferromagnets is still lacking. Here, we report the first direct experimental evidence of inertial spin dynamics in ferromagnetic thin films in the form of a nutation of the magnetisation at a frequency of approximately 0.6 THz. This allows us to evince that the angular momentum relaxation time in ferromagnets is on the order of 10 ps.

Keywords: Magnetisation; ultrafast spin dynamics; ferromagnetic thin films

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