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Production of no-carrier-added 89Zr at an 18 MeV cyclotron, its purification and use in investigations in solvent extraction

Mansel, A.; Franke, K.

The chemical separation of zirconium from lanthanides by liquid-liquid extraction is challenging but critical for medical and technological applications. Using the example of 89Zr, we optimize the liquid-liquid-extraction process by means of the radiotracer technique. We produced 89Zr by proton irradiation of a metallic yttrium target at a cyclotron. The purification of the radionuclide was performed by a UTEVA resin. 89Zr was separated in no-carrier-added form in a sulfuric acid solution. 89Zr was successfully used in solvent extraction tests with calixarenes for the separation of zirconium from lanthanides. This reaction is suitable for the efficient extraction and purification of lanthanides.

Keywords: Zirconium-89; Solvent extraction with calixarenes; Natural yttrium-89 target; Proton induced nuclear reaction; Chemical separation

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