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Resonance behavior of embedded and freestanding microscale ferromagnets

Cansever, H.; Anwar, M. S.; Stienen, S.; Lenz, K.; Narkovic, R.; Hlawacek, G.; Potzger, K.; Hellwig, O.; Faßbender, J.; Lindner, J.; Bali, R.


The ferromagnetic resonance of a disordered A2 Fe60Al40 of ferromagnetic strip, of dimensions 5 µm × 1 µm x 32 nm, has been observed in two vastly differing surroundings: in the first case, the ferromagnetic region was circumferenced by ordered B2 Fe60Al40, and in the second case it was free standing, adhering only to the oxide substrate. The embedded ferromagnet possesses a periodic magnetic domain structure, which transforms to a single domain structure in the freestanding case. The two cases differ in their dynamic response, for instance, the resonance field for the uniform (k = 0) mode at ~ 14 GHz excitation displays a shift from 209 to 194 mT, respectively for the embedded and freestanding cases, with the external magnetic field applied along the long axis. The resonant behavior of a microscopic ferromagnet can thus be finely tailored via control of its near-interfacial surrounding.

Keywords: Embedded nanomagnets; microresonator; ferromagnetic resonance; ion irradiation

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