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Transport properties of systematically disordered Cr2AlC films

Salgado Cabaco, J.; Kentsch, U.; Lindner, J.; Faßbender, J.; Leyens, C.; Bali, R.; Boucher, R.


Nano-lamellar composite materials, known as MAX-phases, can possess a combination of ceramic and metallic properties. A prototype compound is Cr2AlC, formed from a unit cell of Cr2C sandwiched be-tween atomic planes of Al. Here we observe the modifications to the structural, transport and magnetic behavior of 500 nm thick Cr2AlC after irradiation with Co+ions, and Ar+noble gas ions as control.X-ray shows that ion-irradiation induces a suppression of the 0002 reflection, indicating a deterioration of the crystal structure. Increasing the ion fluence leads to an increase of the saturation magnetization at 1.5 K, whereby both Ar+ and Co+ cause an increased magnetization, respectively to 150 kA.m−1and 190 kA.m−1, for the highest fluences used. At Co+ fluences of 5E13−2 the magnetoresistance (MR) shows a 2 orders of magnitude increase, up to 3%(10 T) at 100K. A similar effect also occurs for 5E12−2 Ar+ irradiated films, however, with a smaller MR-increase. The disordering of MAX phase films may reveal interesting spin-related transport phenomena.

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