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Hydrodynamic and efficiency data pertaining to an air-water column mockup (of 0.8 m internal diameter) equipped with sieve trays

Vishwakarma, V.; Marchini, S.; Schleicher, E.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.
DataCollector: Vishwakarma, Vineet; DataCollector: Marchini, Sara; RelatedPerson: Schleicher, Eckhard; ContactPerson: Schubert, Markus; Supervisor: Hampel, Uwe


The hydrodynamic data including effective froth height, liquid holdup and tracer flow and patterns related to an operational sieve tray inside a 0.8 m diameter air-water column simulator are provided here. These data were obtained via an advanced multiplex flow profiler at several gas and liquid loadings. The generated data were examined for predicting the tray efficiency using mathematical models. For model validation, the stripping of isobutyl acetate from the aqueous solution over the tray was employed, and the liquid samples at several tray locations were analyzed via UV spectroscopy. The resulting efficiencies and related information are provided here, too. All raw data files, data processing scripts and supporting information with proper indexing and sequencing are uploaded. All these data are intended for non-commercial use only.

Keywords: Column tray; two-phase crossflow; 3D liquid holdup; effective froth height; tracer-response analysis; tray efficiency calculations

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  • TOPFLOW Facility

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