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Computational Science at HZDR: Tools, Services, and Consulting to Empower Your Research

Pape, D.; Lokamani, M.; Knodel, O.; Müller, S.; Huste, T.; Steinbach, P.; Juckeland, G.; Fiedler, M.


The Computational Science Department FWCC and its sister departments offer various tools and services to empower scientists at HZDR in their research. This presentation held at the 2021 PhD seminar aims at introducing the working groups DMS and MT-DMA as well as the Helmholtz Incubator Platforms HIFIS and Helmholtz AI, all hosted by FWCC, and the library FWCB. It presents a selection of said services and shows options of contact for receiving help in the topics presented.

Keywords: Computational Science; Research Software Engineering; High Performance Computing; Data Management; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Data Science

  • Lecture (others)
    PhD Seminar 2021, 18.10.2021, Dresden, Deutschland