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Characterizing material liberation of multi-material lightweight structures from shredding experiments and finite element simulations

Heibeck, M.; Rudolph, M.; Modler, N.; Reuter, M.; Filippatos, A.


Most products in automotive, aerospace, and household appliance industry are multi-material structures. Materials are connected through a variety of joining techniques with the aim of optimizing performance during production and operation phase. However, during recycling in the end-of-life phase, different materials combined in multi-material structures need to be liberated, e.g. disconnected, and separated again to enable high material recoveries. Typical recycling approaches use shredding technologies to liberate materials. Efficient material liberation contributes to achieving high recycling rates for end-of-life products set by the European Union, thereby reducing the need for primary resource extraction and leading to a more sustainable development.

To characterize material liberation, we conducted an experimental shredding study with multi-material lightweight structures typical for automotive A-frames consisting of steel and composite materials, which were shredded in two sequences in a pilot rotary shear. We characterized feed and resulting progeny particles through a set of quantitative and qualitative metrics, thereby tracking changes in joint characteristics, material composition and particle sizes over the course of two processing steps. We found that material liberation is dependent on many design and shredding parameters. Our characterization approach for feed and progeny particles allows for linking design parameters to liberation behaviour. Due to high variability of design and shredding parameters experimental data acquisition is effortful. Therefore, we present an outlook on first results of our physics-based, numerical simulation model using Finite Element Method. Once validated, shredding simulations of many design configurations shall inform the designer about the liberation behaviour of a multi-material structure, such as the A-frame specimens.

Keywords: Recycling; Shredding; Multi-material design; Material liberation; Joint characterization; Composites; Finite Element Method

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