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Effective coordination numbers from EXAFS: General approaches for dioxides

Romanchuk, A.; Trigub, A.; Plakhova, T.; Kuzenkova, A.; Svetogorov, R.; Kvashnina, K.; Kalmykov, S.


EXAFS is one of the comprehensive usable method to characterize structures of various
materials including radioactive and nuclear materials. Unceasing discussions about the interpretation of
EXAFS results for actinides nanoparticles (NPs) or colloids remain during the last decates. In this paper,
the new experimental data for PuO2 and CeO2 NPs with different average sizes are compared with
published data on AnO2 NPs that shed the light on the best fit and interpretation of the structural data.
Structurally PuO2, CeO2, ThO2, and UO2 NPs demonstrate similar behavior. Only ThO2 NPs have a
more disordered and even partly amorphous structure that results in EXAFS characteristics. The
proposed new core-shell model for NPs with calculated effective coordination number perfectly fits the
results on variations in Me-Me shell with the decrease of NPs size.

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