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Influence of surface activation on the microporosity of PE-CVD and PE-ALD SiOx thin films on PDMS

Hoppe, C.; Mitschker, F.; Mai, L.; Liedke, M. O.; de Los Arcos, T.; Awakowicz, P.; Devi, A.; Elsherif, A. G. A.; Butterling, M.; Wagner, A.; Grundmeier, G.


The microporosity, structure and permeability of SiOx thin films deposited by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition and by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition on PDMS substrates were investigated by positron annihilation spectroscopy and complementary techniques. The chemical composition and morphology were analysed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, polarization modulated-infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy, time of flight spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy. The SiOx films were deposited onto spin-coated PDMS substrates, which were exposed to an oxygen plasma prior to thin film deposition. A correlation between the oxygen fluence during the oxygen plasma treatment and the microporosity of bth PE-CVD and PE-ALD SiOx films could be established. It was observed that a longer exposure to the oxygen plasma treatment resulted in formation of a SiOx-like surface near region of the PDMS film. In comparison to the as spin-coated PDMS surface, the oxidised surface near region led to an overall decrease in micropore density and to a shift towards smaller pore sizes within the deposited SiOx films.

Keywords: positron annihilation spectroscopy; positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy; porosity; SiOx; plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition; plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition

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