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Momentum distribution of the Uniform Electron Gas at finite temperature: Effects of spin-polarization

Dornheim, T.; Vorberger, J.; Militzer, B.; Moldabekov, Z.


We carry out extensive direct path integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) simulations of the uniform electron gas (UEG) at finite temperature for different values of the spin-polarization ξ. This allows us to unambiguously quantify the impact of spin-effects on the momentum distribution function n(k) and related properties. We find that interesting physical effects like the interaction-induced increase in the occupation of the zero-momentum state n(0) substantially depend on ξ. Our results further advance the current understanding of the UEG as a fundamental model system, and are of practical relevance for the description of transport properties of warm dense matter in an external magnetic field.
All PIMC results are freely available online and can be used as a benchmark for the development of new methods and applications.

Keywords: path integral Monte Carlo; uniform electron gas; momentum distribution; spin-effects; warm dense matter



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