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Contribution to recyclability estimation of multi-material structures with focus on modelling material liberation through shredding

Heibeck, M.; Rudolph, M.; Modler, N.; Reuter, M.; Filippatos, A.


Multi-material structures are usually designed into products with the aim of optimizing the operation phase, e.g. lightweight structures leading to higher energy efficiency of vehicles. However, in the recycling phase, most materials connected in multi-material structures should be liberated and separated again to enable high material recoveries. We want to contribute to estimating recyclability of multi-material structures already at the design stage by investigating material liberation through shredding. Therefore, we conducted an experimental shredding study, where we observed liberation behaviour and characterized in- and output particles. Furthermore, we are currently working on the numerical simulation of shredding processes using the Finite Element Method. In the future, we want to analyse the influence of design parameters on liberation behavior and, thereby, contribute to making more sustainable design decisions.

  • Invited lecture (Conferences) (Online presentation)
    24. Internationales Dresdner Leichtbausymposium, 17.-18.06.2021, Dresden, Deutschland


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