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Performance Portability with alpaka

Stephan, J.


The alpaka library is a header-only C++14 abstraction library for accelerator development. Its aim is to provide performance portability across accelerators through the abstraction (not hiding!) of the underlying levels of parallelism. In this lecture we will cover the basics of how to program HPC applications with alpaka in a portable yet performant way and have a look at the software ecosystem surrounding alpaka.

Keywords: alpaka; HPC; CUDA; parallel programming; performance portability; C++; GPU; heterogeneous computing; accelerator programming

  • Open Access Logo Lecture (others)
    Twelfth INFN International School on: "Architectures, tools and methodologies for developing efficient large scale scientific computing applications" (ESC 2021), 04.-09.10.2021, Bertinoro, Italia



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