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Ab-initio description of Warm Dense Matter: Goals, challenges, and opportunities

Dornheim, T.


Warm dense matter (WDM)---an extreme state that is characterized by extreme densities and temperatures---has emerged as one of the most active frontiers in plasma physics and material science. In nature, WDM occurs in astrophysical objects such as giant planet interiors and brown dwarfs. In addition, WDM is highly important for cutting-edge technological applications such as inertial confinement fusion and the discovery of novel materials.
In the laboratory, WDM is studied experimentally in large facilities around the globe, and new techniques have facilitated unprecedented insights into exciting phenomena like the formation of nano diamonds at planetary interior conditions [1]. Yet, the interpretation of these experiments requires a reliable diagnostics based on accurate theoretical modeling, which is a notoriously difficult task [2].
In this talk, I give an overview of recent ground-breaking developments in WDM theory, including its static [3], dynamic [4], and nonlinear [5] properties. Finally, I will present a road map towards a true ab-initio description of WDM.

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  • Lecture (others) (Online presentation)
    Physikalisches Kolloquium der Universität zu Kiel, 07.12.2021, Kiel, Germany


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