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Tetra‐substituted p‐tert‐butylcalix[4]arene with phosphoryl and salicylamide functional groups: synthesis, complexation and selective extraction of f‐element cations

Glasneck, F.; Roode-Gutzmer, Q.; Stumpf, T.; Kersting, B.


A new series of lanthanide (1-5) and uranyl (6) complexes with a tetra-substituted bifunctional calixarene ligand H₂L is described.The coordination environment for the Ln³+ and UO₂²+ ions is provided by phosphoryl and salicylamidefunctional groups appended to the lower rim of the p-tert-butylcalix[4]arenescaffold. Ligand interactions with lanthanide cations (light: La³+, Pr³+; intermediate: Eu³+and Gd³+; and heavy: Yb³+), as well as the uranyl cation (UO₂²+) is examined in the solution and solid state, respectively with spectrophotometric titration and single crystal X-ray diffractometry. The ligand is fully deprotonated in the complexation of trivalent lanthanide ions forming di-cationic complexes 2:2 M:L, [Ln2(L)2(H2O)]2+(1-5), in solution, whereas uranyl formed a 1:1 M:L complex [UO2(L)(MeOH)]∞(6) that demonstrated very limited solubility in 12 organic solvents. Solvent extraction behaviour is examined for cation selectivity and extraction efficiency. H₂L was found to be an effective extracting agent for UO₂²+ over La³+ and Yb³+ cations. The separation factors at pH 6.0 are: ß UO₂²+/La³+ = 121.0 and ß UO₂²+/Yb³+ = 70.0.

Keywords: tetra-substituted calixarene; f-elements; uranyl; lanthanides; solvent extraction