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Emergence of pion parton distributions

Cui, Z.-F.; Ding, M.; Morgado, J. M.; Raya, K.; Binosi, D.; Chang, L.; de Soto, F.; Roberts, C. D.; Rodriguez-Quintero, J.; Schmidt, S. M.


Supposing only that there is an effective charge which defines an evolution scheme for parton distribution functions (DFs) that is all-orders exact, strict lower and upper bounds on all Mellin moments of the valence-quark DFs of pion-like systems are derived. Exploiting contemporary results from numerical simulations of lattice-regularised quantum chromodynamics (QCD) that are consistent with these bounds, parameter-free predictions for pion valence, glue, and sea DFs are obtained. The form of the valence-quark DF at large values of the light-front momentum fraction is consistent with predictions derived using the QCD-prescribed behaviour of the pion wave function.


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