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Laser-induced ionization with liquid metal ion sources and two-color sculpted laser fields

Machalett, F.; Ying, B.; Wustelt, P.; Bischoff, L.; Klingner, N.; Pilz, W.; Kübel, M.; Sayler, A. M.; Stöhlker, T.; Paulus, G. G.


We have successfully employed high-brightness liquid metal ion sources (LMIS) for the investigation of the
interaction of metal and metalloid ions with strong field laser beams. The gold and silicon ions, generated in the
LMIS by electrostatic field ionization, can be further ionized up to Au11+ and Si4+ with Thales laser (1 kHz)
at intensities of up to 4e16 W/cm2. Furthermore, we employed the fiber laser with 100 kHz to manipulate
the recoil momenta with subcycle resolution.

Keywords: Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Sources; Laser-induced ionization; Au11+ and Si4+ ions

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    in: Jahresbericht Helmholtz-Institut Jena 2021, Jena: Helmholtz-Institut Jena, Fröbelstieg, 2022, 60-60


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