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Update of the Bunch Arrival Time Monitor at ELBE

Kuntzsch, M.; Maalberg, A.; Schwarz, A.; Zenker, K.; Czwalinna, M. K.; Kral, J.


The bunch arrival time monitor (BAM) at the radiation source ELBE has been upgraded twofold. In order to achieve a higher precision a new frontend has been designed, based on a development by DESY, that uses state of the art 50 GHz electro-optical modulators (EOMs). The frontend allows for thermal control of critical components and monitoring of system parameters. The modulated EOM signals and monitoring data are distributed to a new readout electronic. The new MicroTCA-based receiveris based on a dedicated FMC card developed at DESY that is installed on an FMC25 carrier board. The arrival time is calculated on a FPGA with low latency and can be used for machine diagnostic. The code has been adapted to enable the processing of a data stream of the continuous train of electron bunches, allowing for the implementation of a cw beam based feedback in a next step. The contribution will describe the BAM setup as well as the performance measured at the ELBE accelerator.

Keywords: BAM; ELBE; arrival time; synchronization

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    International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC 2022, 12.-17.06.2022, Bangkok, Thailand


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