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alpaka-group/alpaka: alpaka 0.9.0: The SYCL Complex

Bastrakov, S.; Bocci, A.; Di Pilato, A.; Ehrig, S.; Gruber, B. M.; Hübl, A.; Kelling, J.; Pantaleo, F.; Stephan, J.; Vyskocil, J.; Widera, R.; Worpitz, B.


The alpaka library is a header-only C++17 abstraction library for accelerator development. Its aim is to provide performance portability across accelerators through the abstraction (not hiding!) of the underlying levels of parallelism.

Keywords: CUDA; HPC; alpaka; OpenMP; HIP; C++; GPU; heterogeneous computing; performance portability; FPGA; SYCL

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    Publication year 2022
    Programming language: C++
    System requirements: OS: Linux, Windows, or macOS Software requirements: C++17 compiler, Boost 1.74.0+, CMake 3.18+
    License: MPL-2.0 (Link to license text)
    Hosted on GitHub: Link to location
    DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6475608


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