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The Training Catalogue for Photon and Neutron Data Services

Knodel, O.; Konrad, U.; Valcarcel-Orti, A.; Padovani, A.


Education is becoming an increasingly important topic to help scientists work on photon and neutron sources. Other relevant areas such as advanced quantum technologies will also play a key role in the future.

One of the goals of ExPaNDS (European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Photon and Neutron Data Service) is to train research scientists in order to better understand the issues, methods and available computational RI infrastructures to address critical research questions.

Our PaN-training catalogue provides a one-stop shop for trainers and trainees to discover online information and content:

* For trainers the catalogue offers an environment for sharing materials and event information.
* For trainees, it offers a convenient gateway via which to identify relevant training events and resources, and to perform specific, guided analysis tasks via training workflows to provide FAIR research.

Keywords: training; photon science; neutron science; e-learning; catalogue; data management

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