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Super-SIMS at DREAMS: Status of a unique and complex endeavour

Rugel, G.; Ziegenrücker, R.; Koll, D.; Lachner, J.; Noga, P.; Vivo Vilches, C.; Renno, A.; Wallner, A.; Wiedenbeck, M.


At the DREAMS (DREsden AMS) facility we are implementing a so-called Super-SIMS (SIMS = Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) device, which combines the micron-scale spatial resolution of a commercial SIMS (CAMECA IMS 7f-auto) with the high selectivity through molecule suppression by AMS. We have demonstrated high transmission for major element ions including silicon, fluorine and iodine, however the lack of well characterized calibration materials makes the quantification of trace and ultra-elements difficult. Measurements of P in Si show the linearity of the instrument’s relative sensitivity factor over more than three orders of magnitude, and measurements of the isotopic ratio of bromine in ZnS document the reliability of our approach. The goal of the DREAMS Super-SIMS project is to provide quantitative concentration data of ultra-trace elements in geological samples in the context of resource technology.

Keywords: accelerator mass spectrometry; SIMS; trace elements

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