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Particle tracking velocimetry in liquid gallium flow around a cylindrical obstacle

Birjukov, M.; Zvejnieks, P.; Lappan, T.; Sarma, M.; Heitkam, S.; Trtik, P.; Mannes, D.; Eckert, S.; Jakovics, A.


This paper demonstrates particle tracking velocimetry performed for a model system wherein particle-laden liquid metal flow around a cylindrical
obstacle was studied. We present the image processing methodology developed for particle detection in images with disparate and often low
signal- and contrast-to-noise ratios, and the application of our MHT-X tracing algorithm for particle trajectory reconstruction for the wake
flow around the obstacle. Preliminary results indicate that the utilized methods enable consistent particle detection and recovery of long, representative
particle trajectories with high confidence. However, we also underline the necessity of implementing a more advanced particle position
extrapolation approach for increased tracking accuracy. Satisfactory tracking accuracy can be inferred from the fact that the fluctuations
in the measured particle velocity are dominated by frequencies that agree sufficiently well with the expected frequencies of the cylinder wake.

Keywords: liquid metal; particle flow; wake flow; neutron radiography; particle tracking; image processing



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