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Cerebrovascular Brain-age

Dijsselhof, M. B. J.; Barboure, M.; Stritt, M.; Nordhøy, W.; Wink, A. M.; Westlye, L. T.; Cole, J. H.; Barkhof, F.; Petr, J.; Mutsaerts, H. J. M. M.


Brain-age estimates the biological brain age from structural MRI images based on changes in brain-tissue integrity and irreversible
structural changes [1]. The brain-age offset to the chronological age — the age gap — is associated with cognitive pathology [2]. Adding
vascular or functional MRI biomarkers may add sensitivity to physiological and metabolic changes, complementing and improving structural
brain-age, and possibly improving its sensitivity to earlier disease changes. Arterial spin labeling (ASL) MRI is a potential early biomarker of
cerebrovascular health and correlates with the initial stages of cognitive pathology [3]. Here, we propose the ‘Cerebrovascular Brain-age’ as a
combination of T1w, FLAIR, and ASL image features composed of the spatial Coefficient of Variation (CoV) and vascular-territory derived
(VT) cerebral blood flow (CBF).

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  • PET-Center
  • Poster
    ISMRM '22 Workshop on Perfusion MRI: From Head to Toe, 04.-07.03.2022, Los Angeles, USA
  • Contribution to proceedings
    ISMRM '22: 30th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 07.-12.05.2022, London, United Kingdom
    Proceedings of the ISMRM 30th Annual Meeting & Exhibition
  • Poster
    ISMRM '22: 30th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 07.-12.05.2022, London, United Kingdom


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