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Data publication: Distinguishing local demagnetization contribution to the magnetization process in multisegmented nanowires

Marqués Marchán, J.; Fernandez Roldan, J. A.; Bran, C.; Puttock, R.; Barton, C.; Moreno, J. A.; Kösel, J.; Vazquez, M.; Kazakova, O.; Chubykalo-Fesenko, O.; Asenjo, A.


Article and Suplementary information available on the Open Access Journal:

Figure S1: Nonstandard 2D MFM images of a single NW for an applied magnetic field of (a) ±47 mT and (b) ±28 mT;
Figure S2: (a) Sketch of two simulated CoNi/Cu NWs with different segments and Cu layer lengths. (b) Hysteresis loops of NWs with different anisotropies (68° and 65° with respect to NW axis) and geometries as shown in (a). (c) Zoom of hysteresis loops of NWs with anisotropy at 65° and different geometries.

Keywords: magnetic nanowires; magnetization reversal processes; magnetoresistance; Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM); CoNi; Cu; nanomagnetism; spintronics

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