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A new tomography-based approach for the fluid dynamic description of conventional structured packings and sandwich packings

Flechsig, S.; Sohr, J.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.; Kenig, E. Y.


Pressure drop, holdup and flooding points are essential factors for the hydraulic design of columns equipped with structured packings. This is also true for sandwich packings representing a combination of two alternating layers of conventional structured packings with different geometric surface areas. Such a combination results in a heterogeneous flow pattern evolving within certain operating ranges. In order to describe accurately the fluid dynamics over the entire operating range of both common structured packings and sandwich packings, a modelling approach is proposed based on conventional measurements and tomographic investigations. The approach distinguishes film-like flow patterns and froth regimes. For film-like flow patterns, packing-typical descriptions are used, whereas the froth in packings is described using an analogy to trays. Correlations were derived to determine the liquid holdup for film and froth flow, the dry and irrigated pressure drop as well as the gas velocities at the loading limits. The fluid dynamic model was verified with 1595 measurements for pressure drop and 510 measurements for holdup for the test system water/air.

Keywords: fluid dynamics; modelling; sandwich packings; structured packings; tomography

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