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Two decades of CW SRF operation at ELBE

Arnold, A.


ELBE is a compact, accelerator-driven photon and particle source. The variety of secondary radiation being offered extends from high-energy gamma rays to infrared and THz radiation as well as from neutrons to positrons and electrons. Since 2001 ELBE is operated as a user facility, providing more than 5500 hours of beamtime with an efficiency of more than 90% each year. The electron accelerator is based on four superconducting 9-cell TESLA cavities that are driven in CW operation to accelerate an average current of 1 mA up to beam energies of 40 MeV.

The the talk will summarize our experiences of operating TESLA cavities over two decades in CW. In detail, this includes the cavity performance and attempts to improve it, as well as investigations on their limitations. Additionally, we will discuss several issues that are related to the high average RF as well as beam power and we will present appropriate measures to protect the machine. In this regard we will also report on long-term experiences with our 10kW 1.3 GHz solid state power amplifiers and introduce a resonant ring for RF component tests at CW power levels up to 100 kW.

Keywords: ELBE; CW SRF; TESLA cavity

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