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Modulating properties by light ion irradiation: From novel functional materials to semiconductor power devices

Yuan, Y.; Zhou, S.; Wang, X.


In this review, the application of light ion irradiation is discussed for tailoring novel functional materials and for improving the performance in SiC or Si based electrical power devices. The deep traps and electronic disorder produced by light ion irradiation can modify the electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of films (e.g., dilute ferromagnetic semiconductors and topological materials). Additionally, benefiting from the high reproducibility, precise manipulation of functional depth and density of defects, as well as the flexible patternability, the helium or proton ion irradiation has been successfully employed in improving the dynamic performance of SiC and Si based PiN diode power devices by reducing their majority carrier lifetime, although the static performance is sacrificed due to deep level traps. Such a trade-off has been regarded as the key point to compromise the static and dynamic performances of power devices. As a result, herein the light ion irradiation is highlighted in both exploring new physics and optimizing the performance in functional materials and electrical devices.



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