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Application of laser-induced nanostructured metal surfaces

Lorenz, P.; Zajadacz, J.; Bez, E. A.; Marquardt, F.; Franz, R.; Lecrivain, G.; Peter, S.; Hommes, G.; Ehrhardt, M.; Himmerlich, M.; Zimmer, K.


Nature teaches that nanostructured surfaces show a variety of beneficial macroscopic effects. The laser texturing of metal surfaces allows the fast, defined, and adjustable large-area nano- and micro surface structuring using ultrashort laser pulses. Such hierarchical structures comprising of determined micro patterns and self-organized nanostructures allow the customization of metal surface properties for applications in accelerators, optics, and fluidics. Here, the laser exposure of superhydrophobic SSt can cause a localized modification of the surface tension which enables the guiding and pining of water droplets which was studied using high-speed optical imaging.
The laser-induced micro- and nano structuring and the chemical modification of the metal surfaces allows the fast and defined adjustment of the macroscopic properties of metals with manifold applications.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    16th International Conference on Laser Ablation, 24.-29.04.2022, Matsue, Japan


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