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Data publication: CMOS-compatible manufacturability of sub-15 nm Si/SiO2/Si nanopillars containing single Si nanodots for single electron transistor applications

von Borany, J.; Engelmann, Hans-Jürgen; Heinig, K.-H.; Hlawacek, G.; Hübner, R.; Klüpfel, F.; Möller, W.; Pourteau, M.-L.; Rademaker, G.; Rommel, M.; Baier, L.; Pichler, P.; Tiron, R.

The data included in the publication are results of SET device simulations, Monte-Carlo simulations of physical processes (ion-beam mixing, phase seepration, Si nanodot formation) and micrographs taken by electron and ion microscopes.

Keywords: CMOS; Single-electron transistor; nanostructure fabrication; self-organization; Silicon nanodot; Nanopillars; Ion-beam mixing; Phase separation

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