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Magnetostructural phase transition in Fe60V40 alloy thin films

Anwar, M. S.; Cansever, H.; Böhm, B.; Gallardo, R.; Hübner, R.; Zhou, S.; Kentsch, U.; Eggert, B.; Rauls, S.; Wende, H.; Potzger, K.; Faßbender, J.; Lenz, K.; Lindner, J.; Hellwig, O.; Bali, R.


Ferromagnetism can be induced in non-ferromagnetic alloys such as B2 Fe60Al40[1] and B2 Fe50Rh50[2] through lattice disordering. Here we study a magnetostructural transition in Fe60V40 thin films using ion-irradiation. We show that the as-grown films possess an MS of 17 kA/m and irradiation with 25 keV Ne+-ions at a fluence of 5 x 1015ions/cm2 leads to an increase of MS to ∼ 750 kA/m. A structural short-range order is observed in the as-grown films that transforms to A2 phase via ion-irradiation. Mössbauer spectroscopy and Ferromagnetic Resonance have been applied to track the variation of local magnetic ordering and dynamic behaviour respectively.

Financial support by DFG grants BA 5656/1-2 and WE 2623/14-2 is acknowledged.

[1]Ehrler, al., New J. Phys.,22,073004(2020)

[2]Eggert, al., RSC Adv.,10,14386(2020)

Keywords: iron vanadium; ion irradiation

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    DPG conference Regensburg 2022, 05.09.2022, Regensburg, Germany


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