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Prostate cancer theranostics: from Actinium-225 to Lathanum-133 and back

Mamat, C.


Small actinium-225-labeled prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-targeted radioconjugates have been described for targeted alpha therapy of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Transient binding to serum albumin as a highly abundant, inherent transport protein represents a commonly applied strategy to modulate the tissue distribution profile of such low-molecular-weight radiotherapeutics and to enhance radioactivity uptake into tumor lesions with the ultimate objective of improved therapeutic outcome. Two ligands mcp-M-alb-PSMA and mcp-D-alb-PSMA were synthesized by combining a macropa-derived chelator with either one or two lysine-ureido-glutamate-based PSMA- and 4-(p-iodophenyl)butyrate albumin-binding entities using multistep peptide-coupling chemistry. Both compounds were labeled with [225Ac]Ac3+ under mild conditions and their reversible binding to serum albumin was analyzed by an ultrafiltration assay as well as microscale thermophoresis measurements. Saturation binding studies and clonogenic survival assays using PSMA-expressing LNCaP cells were performed to evaluate PSMA-mediated cell binding and to assess the cytotoxic potency of the novel radioconjugates [225Ac]Ac-mcp-M-alb-PSMA and [225Ac]Ac-mcp-D-alb-PSMA, respectively. Biodistributions of both 225Ac-radioconjugates were investigated using LNCaP tumor-bearing SCID mice.

Keywords: actinium-225; iodine-123; theranostic concept; PSMA

  • Invited lecture (Conferences) (Online presentation)
    PRISMAP event meeting: What's next?, 23.11.2022, Padova, Italien


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