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Assessing fundamental parameters of magnetic properties of actinide containing samples

Fichter, S.; Gericke, R.; Duckworth, T.; Hong, B.; März, J.; Patzschke, M.; Schmidt, M.; Stumpf, T.; Kaden, P.


A study of acinide amidinate complexes is presented with an emphasis on magnetic properties. Main method is paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy highlighting pseudo-contact shifts and minor Fermi contact contributions to the observed NMR chemical shifts. As an outlook EPR spectroscopy and upcoming SQUID magnetometry is advertised.

Keywords: actinides; magnetic properties; NMR; EPR; SQUID; PCS; FCS; amidinate

  • Poster
    Actinides revisited 2022, 21.-23.09.2022, Dresden, Deutschland


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